Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funny stuff!

I have absolutely no idea what to write about today..
I got some fun news but nothing is certain yet so it will have to wait.

In stead I want to introduce (well maybe many of you know him, but then again; My blog, my rules) you to my favorite comedian at the moment.
Great jokes kinda similar to the great but late Mitch Hedburg.
Here's some jokes by Demetri Martin (you find a lot more on youtube).

While we're on the subject of comedians I can also let you know that I seriously fucking hate Achmed the dead Terrorist. To me it's one joke been repeated over some retarded semi-racist half-jokes aimed at people who thinks jokes should be about people who are different.
Fucking hell!! it's not even close to being funny, I'm checking it out now to see if I might be wrong, I wasn't, it's hopelessly stupid.

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