Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going away.

So, tomorrow I'll wake up half an hour ago to go to the airport and reach my flight that's around 6.30. No big deal, just a 45 minutes train ride and need to be there at least one hour before departure. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, nice..

The reason for all of this is that I'm going down to Z├╝rich in Switzerland to attend the I'll try to get some updates when I'm down there, but I have no idea about the internet connection. Usually there's not that much time spent in the hotel, too much fun stuff going on everywhere besides the hotel.. But we'll see, it's usually a sick event so definitely gonna be a good source for stories. I know that a bunch of crazy Italians are coming, that means "crazy stuff Guaranteed."

Well, I'll enjoy this glass of red wine while I pack.

I hate packing by the way.
Packing is probably worse than going to the gym.
This glass of red wine is gonna make it less horrible.

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