Friday, September 5, 2008

Some skatepics!

Summer is great because you get to skate.
Skating to me is like a time machine in a lame metaphorical sense. I go to the skate park, jump on my board and suddenly 4 hours have passed without anything but bruised and sore body parts to prove that time has actually passed. Luckily I'm not that good so competing or anything like that has never gotten in the way of my fun.
Looks like the sun is starting to shine (not that common in this time of year in Norway), so I might go out for a skate today too.

Here's some pics from a skate session I had the other day.
Pics by Einar Pfeiffer.

Thread the needle! Hippie jumps are fun, Richie Jackson watch out!

Airtime being caught, that cloud better watch out!

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